I am Vivienne, founder and designer of Vevian. I have always believed the right accessories not only add a finishing touch to an outfit, it also creates a unique expression of the wearer's personality and individuality – at their best I think it is a little piece of art. It was this passion for leather goods that led me to study fashion, millinery and shoe design.

It was my daughter’s first birthday where the story of Vevian began. I decided to make her some shoes that were not only worthy of her first birthday but would also be a beautiful memento that we could both treasure when she was older. Her first shoes attracted a lot of attention from our family and friends who wanted a similar memento for their children. It became clear other people wanted shoes made to be treasured forever and my business was born.

Always knowing I would expand to this collection, when I was designing gifts for my four fabulous fashion-conscious sisters, I put my leatherwork skills to good use and created a beautiful handbag. It was important to create a handbag that would suit a busy lifestyle. Keeping size and ease of use in mind, this particular accessory needed to tick all boxes: sizeable enough to carry all you need, a long strap that is versatile enough to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, and most importantly beautiful enough that you’ll never want to take it off when your day turned into an evening outing. From the original handbag, aptly named ‘sister’, a whole range was born; functional yet beautiful accessories to suit men and women.

Vevian is committed to sourcing materials from UK suppliers, making our products locally and recycling material wherever possible.

It all began with my daughter’s first birthday party…I wanted something unique. I discovered I’d have to make it myself.
— Vivienne Lopez 'Designer and maker of Vevian Shoes London’

About Vevian’s Baby & Children’s Shoes

Vevian shoes are the finest in hand crafted baby and children’s shoes, designed to suit every special occasion, whether it be a christening, wedding or birthday party. They make a precious reminder of a special moment in a child’s life, a unique gift to be treasured forever.

At the heart of my vision for Vevian, was taking a step back in time when all children’s shoes were handmade.

All our shoes are produced in the UK. We cut each pair from beautiful soft and supple leathers to ensure they are comfortable but still firm enough to hold their shape. We then close using a stitching machine and all trims are added making sure they are attached safely and securely. The most important stage is pulling the upper over the last to give it its shape and they will be left overnight to naturally rest and mould. A final inspection is done ensuring they are perfect before they are packed in a natural wooden box lined with fabric and sent to our little customer - who we hope will go on to have many happy adventures in them!