Slow fashion...

It's the movement which has got us all second guessing our buying habits. With so many high street brands coming under the microscope in terms of ethics and sustainability, many shoppers are making the decision to buy less in quantity and more in quality. 

Opting for longer lasting, ethically made clothes and accessories? 

Here's the reasons to choose Vevian...


Accessories by Vevian are made to last

The brand was born when our founder, Vivienne decided to make her daughter a pair of shoes for her first birthday that would last for years to come. 

Vevian shoes are the finest in hand crafted baby and children’s shoes, designed to suit every special occasion, whether it be a christening, wedding or birthday party. They make a precious reminder of a special moment in a child’s life, a unique gift to be treasured forever.


We hope that our shoes will be handed down for generations...

All of our children's shoes come with a beautifully handrafted wooden shoebox, for just that. Our boxes can even be personalised with a name, message or poem. 

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At the heart of our vision for Vevian, is taking a step back in time when all children’s shoes were handmade.

Our shoes are created using a traditional technique called lasting, which no longer exists in the UK. Our founder Vivienne is trained in fashion, millinery and shoe design and has always believed that accessories show personality and individuality.

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Luckily for us, Vivienne put her leatherwork skills to good use and made a whole range of accessories... 

After designing handbags for her four fabulous and fashion conscious sisters, a whole range of products were born; functional yet beautiful accessories to suit men and women. 

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Want to know where you're buying from? All of our products are handmade in our East London workroom

Many of our products are made by our founder and head designer Vivienne, along with a team of loyal and talented craftworkers. After recently expanding our collection, our accessories include handbags, wallets, cardholders and card wallets. 

Vevian is committed to sourcing materials from UK suppliers, making our products locally and recycling materials wherever possible.

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All of our accessories are made to suit a range of occasions

Vevian always keeps versatility in mind with every design, so that you can get as much wear out of our products as possible. 

Even if you might buy our children's shoes or other accessories with a special occasion in mind, they're all stand-out pieces that are functional enough to wear all year round.

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Got a unique idea you'd like to bring to life? 

Don't forget that we can also create bespoke orders. We're always delighted to get commissions from customers so please get in touch to discuss whatever bespoke design you have in mind.

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Rowan Mills