Too Posh To Parent

Who doesn't love watching documentaries and having a sneak peak into the lives of the wealthy. We hope you caught our founder and designer Vivienne Lopez serving one of our clients on Channel 4 'Too Posh To Parent'. You will see our personal service for parents and children designing their very own customised pair of shoes. We have found that children love being a part of the design process. They try on the samples, look through the leather swatches and choose what they like. They are kept updated on the progress of their shoes by receiving snapshots and videos from the factory. It also helps children see just how many people are involved in making a pair of shoes and appreciate the workmanship. Here is a clip from the documentary Too Posh To Parent and if you would like to see the full documentary, here is the link.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke service, please email us at or visit our Bespoke page.

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